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The third stage of the Top 8: Laletin - Saginashvili >>>

The third stage of the Top 8: Laletin - Saginashvili # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko discusses the final match of the third stage of the Top-8. ()

Vitaly Laletin will fight with Levan Saginashvili for the first or second place. Levan for Vitali will be an uncomfortable opponent: Vitaly’s wrist is not so strong. It is thin, long, fingers are also long, but Levan's palm is very large. And how will Vitaly fight? Will he behave as he does with Evgeny Prudnik and strive for a referee’s grip or will he immediately attack fingers? I think he will choose the second tactic. And even with a referee’s grip, Levan will start with a relaxed hand, and Vitaly will try to beat Levan’s fingers with a powerful starting motion.

I think Levan understands that this unique - almost vertical - movement of Vitaliy Laletin at the start can be knocked down only with strong fingers and a wrist, a hook transition. If we talk about the hook, then this movement of Laletin is not as strong as Levan’s.

But there is one factor that will play a role - endurance. The fight can turn out like Tsyplenkov with Larratt one, because Devon wanted to tire Denis, and then win. But Denis, in addition to strength, trained endurance, although in a duel never came to it, because Tsyplenkov was just stronger.

Will there be a similar fight between Laletin and Saginashvili? We'll see. But I think our guys are smarter in the fight preparing.

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