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The third stage of the Top 8: forecasts >>>

The third stage of the Top 8: forecasts # Armwrestling #

What awaits us in the third stage of the Top 8? Igor Mazurenko shares his thoughts on the struggle for the third or fourth place: the match between Evgeny Prudnik and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev. ()

What can we see in the fight between Evgeny Prudnik and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev? First of all, this is a meeting of the strongest hookman with a warrior, a versatile athlete. I think that this fight can be equal and to guess who will win is very difficult. It makes sense to discuss what techniques these guys can use to conduct a successful fight and achieve their goal.

How will Ongarbayev prepare? As for me, he will work to add his own power score. Most likely, he will perform exercises related to toproll. I doubt that he would like to get into Prudnik’s hook, because Evgeny is very strong in this movement. I doubt that even Vitaly Laletin would like to fight this way with Prudnik. Armwrestlers often have fingers as a weak link, so Kydyrgali will test them, starting first. Evgeny is not a starter.

He has good stamina and strength, but not a start. I think that Kydyragli will try to punch 4 or 5 rounds to toproll, but if he comes to the fight in the straps, he will regret it.

Honestly, Prudnik was not focused in a duel with Laletin. He never pulled Vitaly before, and most likely decided to do what he planned: a slip, straps, a victory. But everything ended with a referee’s grip, from which it was almost impossible to transfer Vitaly’s hand to the hook.

Evgeny will also need to focus on strength, and probably reduce weight. And also to find a good sparring partner to fight in straps, learn to block all the movements of Ongarbayev’s toproll and pay attention to his fingers.



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