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Baysangur Soltykhanov: I will take every every rival as very worthy >>>

Baysangur Soltykhanov: I will take every every rival as very worthy # Armwrestling #

Russian athlete Baysangur Soltykhanov deliberately moved to the Professional Armwrestling League. He is new to Zloty Tur, but this is not the first time in the professional arena. What will Baysangur present at the table in December? ()

 Baysangur, tell us about yourself.  When did you start armwrestling and why did you choose this sport?

 - My father was engaged in armwrestling, I always watched him train and wanted to be like him.  Since childhood, I liked to pull. I started training in 2013, when I was 16 years old.

 What are your most significant victories and achievements at the moment?

 - I am a multiple winner of the Russian championship and the winner of the 2018 world championship in the category of up to 80 kg.  Perhaps these are the most significant achievements in sports at the moment.

 Tell us about your training?

 - When I first came to armwrestling, I trained under the guidance of my father. In 2013, at a local tournament, I met Apti Khasukhanov, he seemed to me a very competent and smart armwrestler, I asked him to show me a couple of exercises, and then a couple more... And it so happened that he pleanned my trainings all the time, when I was preparing for the championship of Russia. He prepared me for all competitions and since 2014 I have not lost a single fight on my right hand. I am his only student, and he achieved that his only student became the world champion among juniors, this suggests that he is a very competent coach.

Now I am preparing for Zloty Tur with Ivan Dobrorezov, I have been working on his program for 3 months and am very pleased with the result. In training, I prefer to work more with iron, but I also work at the table at each training session to practice the technique, without fanaticism.

 You pulled at amateur European and World Championships and decided to go to the pros, why? What attracts you to professional armwrestling?

 - I had to make a choice between amateur federation WAF and professional PAL. And I believe that I made the right choice, I think that the future of arm wrestling is PAL.

You are preparing to perform at the Zloty Tur tournament, what category are you going to?  Do you know your potential rivals and how do you evaluate your strength?

 - On the Zloty Tur I will perform in the category of up to 86 kg in both hands. I don’t know yet who will be in my category, and I don’t pay attention to it.  I will tune in to each opponent as a very worthy one.

 As part of the Zloty Tur, the final stage of the Top-8 will be held. What is the most interesting pair for you and who do you think will be the first?

 - All the Top-8 pairs are very interesting, I will be happy to watch this MEGA show. I hope for the victory of Vitaly Laletin and I believe in the victory of Levan Saginashvili!



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