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Building a career with armfights >>>

Building a career with armfights # Armwrestling #

With the introduction of URPA, professional armwrestling has become more affordable and democratic. Due to its versatility, the rating allows two athletes to decide which of them is the strongest, and then who is the strongest in their category. ()

At the same time, it may seem that some athletes have more opportunities to travel around the countries and participate in rating competitions, but there are no organizers in their countries. In this case, a rating armfight can help.

Organizing an armfight (or a series of them) is usually easier than a classic tournament, but often such a duel accompanies it, as it was at the Kyiv Open. Although the Malaysian Armwrestling Federation held an event consisting only of armfights.

To carry out a professional armfight, you need special software - the armfight protocol, which is available online. Using this protocol, the secretary or organizer can record all the events that occur during the bout: fouls, slips, referee grips, victories and defeats.

So, the logic of rating armfight is simple:

Rating armfight is a simple and affordable tool for promoting and building a professional sports career.

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