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Oleg Petrenko: My goal is to win the Top 8! >>>

Oleg Petrenko: My goal is to win the Top 8! # Armwrestling #

The Ukrainian sportsman Oleg Petrenko was brought up by the legendary Andrey Pushkar. This year Oleg will make his debut on the Zloty Tur and, we are sure, will compete well in the 95 kg category. ()

Recently, Oleg Petrenko met in a rating armfight with his schoolmate Igor Pasieka, and completely defeated him, putting his point in the debate about who is stronger. He also confirmed his willingness to attend professional sports and make his debut on the Zloty Tur.

Oleg, the first question is traditional. How did you come to arm wrestling?

- I came to armwrestling at the age of 14 to Andrey Pushkar in the hall in Kremenets. My father was familiar with him and saw some prospects in me, so he brought him to him. Andrey became interested, he said that there are really good prospects. And so I began to slowly train. First, at home, and then in Kremenets, where I entered the university and trained with Andrey.

And now the opposite: the question that usually comes at the end of an interview. What is your main goal in sports? What motivates you?

- My main goal in sports is to win the absolute in the Zloty Tur. Another is the world championship. And now the Top 8, of course. My coach, Andrey Pushkar, and the people who support and help motivate me.

You will come to your first Zloty Tur and get a chance to get into the Top 8.

Tell us, how did you come to this decision, and how did your preparation after this change?

- I have been preparing for this decision for a long time. I hesitated very much whether it was worth doing. But I decided that I can, and now I have changed a lot. I put a greater emphasis on strengths, studied opponents, I prepare a lot of things for them. And there the table will show.

Do you have to gain or lose weight?

- Yes, you have to cut weight. Now I weigh 102 kg. At the same time, the biceps girth is 45 cm, and the forearm is 43 cm.

Do you have any good sparring partners?

- Yes, there are good sparring partners: Vadym Stetsiuk, Igor Pasieka, Dmytro Shemchuk, Sergiy Kornafel.

Obviously, the category will be saturated. Who do you want to see among your rivals? Who will be interesting to compete with?

- I want to see Krasimir Kostadinov, I think it will be interesting to fight with him. And with Vadim Aleinikov as well. I think there will be many strong rivals.

How do you see yourself in armwrestling in five years?

 - I see myself in 5 years as a champion with the achievement of everything that I have already named.



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