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Andrey Pushkar is always with us! >>>

Andrey Pushkar is always with us! # Armwrestling #

Today is the year since the tragic death of the Ukrainian armwrestler Andriy Pushkar. ()

The news about the tragedy that happened a year ago in Ukraine was impossible to receive. Thousands of people asked a thousand questions, but, unfortunately, they could not change anything.

Exactly a year ago, Andrey Pushkar died in a car accident.

And immediately it seemed that the world of armwrestling (and even more) had lost something very important. Andrey really was an important part of this world, our sports family, his family. An irreplaceable father, beloved husband, loyal friend, not just a trainer, educator who shared his knowledge and cultivated spirit in his students.

We should probably say that we remember Andrey today, but this is not true. The memory of this wonderful person lives constantly in our hearts. We must protect her.

Let us recall the best moments that Andrey Pushkar gave us, and thank him for being present in our lives, even if not for long.

Andrey, thanks. You are always with us.

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