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Marcin Lachowicz: Who will win the Top-8? >>>

Marcin Lachowicz: Who will win the Top-8? # Armwrestling #

Who will win the TOP 8? Today, Marcin Lachowicz, an experienced athlete, participant in many international competitions, both amateur and professional, coach of the club ARMFIGHT Piaseczno, will answer this question. ()

For many years, Marcin has been Alex Kurdecha's friend and trainer. Since November 2018, he has been in his corner at every Vendetta and at all stages of the Top-8. So, let's find out what his bets look like.

Marcin, what results did you set in the third stage of the Top-8?

- I will be happy to talk about them, but I must skip the match between Alex Kurdecha and Rustam Babayev. I just don’t think about the results of this fight.

I understand, what about the others? Dmitry Trubin vs. Tim Bresnan.

- Trubin after a series of not very successful fights represents a really good shape. He is truly an experienced athlete who managed to fight the best armwrestlers in the world. He showed his form in a duel with Alex. Tim is extremely strong, but I think it will be difficult for him to resist the attack Trubin’s toproll. Tim, it seems to me, feels much better with those who pulls in the hook. Thus, I predict a result of 6:0 or 5:1 for Trubin.

Kydyrgali Ongarbayev - Evgeny Prudnik.

- Kydyrgali has achieved great success in preparing for the fight with Levan. It was obvious that he devoted all his time to this battle. He is very experienced and able to use different styles... However, I think that the experience and strength of Prudnik is so great that he can withstand the dynamics of Ongarbayev and will be the best in a static battle. I bet on Prudnik, 4:2 or 5:1.

Levan Saginashvili - Vitaly Laletin.

- Levan is my favorite. It seems to me that while preparing for the fight with Kydyrgali, he used about 50% of his abilities to give his body a break from stress and training. Thus, his form will be much better than in the fight against the Kazakh. I think that the main advantage of Laletin is dynamics, a long forearm and an uncomfortable fighting style, which will be severely limited by Levan's huge arms and superstrength. Laletin's only chance is a quick start and a quick victory, any other course of the fight will be unsuccessful for him. Thus, I predict 5: 1 or 6: 0 in favor of Levan.

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