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Fan Predictions: Who Will Win the Top-8? >>>

Fan Predictions: Who Will Win the Top-8? # Armwrestling #

Four fights await us and the “magnificent eight” is preparing for them. For each of them it will be a battle for a big bet. Here is my opinion as a fan, and I invite you to share yours! ()

Alex Kurdecha against Rustam Babayev for 7-8th place.

In this fight, I will support both equally, because I personally know them and I really like both. Firstly, I am in order to avoid injuries. Will Rustam look for the key to defeating Alex? Of course yes. He has such a great competitive experience and knowledge of armwrestling that if he is looking for a key, he will find it, and when he finds it, he will definitely use it. Will Alex look for a key for Rustam? I don’t know. And it’s hard to say whether such a thing exists at all. Bu ... maybe I don’t know everything?

I predict a protracted duel, even that one which outcome will decide only the last round. The victory for Rustam will become a “double”, because first he will confirm his highest class, and secondly, because as soon as he falls into the new category of Top-8 95 kg, he will enter there as an athlete who has already passed the full stage Top 8 among superheavyweights.

Dmitry Trubin vs. Tim Bresnan for 5-6th place.

I will support Dmitry Trubin because I know him personally, I like him as an athlete and I appreciate him. Tim Bresnan... I know little about him, except that he no longer needs to do sports, but he tries his best. But I support Dmitry Trubin. He needs a victory more than an American. He must win! If he wins, many will again see that he is a serious rival. He will reach the top again. He needs it more than Tim. However, if Bresnan finds a way to Dmitry, then the completely intricate plan will go down the drain. If Trubin loses... with whom will he need to pull in order to return? With Alex?

This will definitely not be a competitive match! Either one will find the key to the other, or vice versa, nothing will change after the first round. Which of them will win the first round, he will win in the whole match.

Kydyrgali Ongarbayev - Eugene Prudnik for 3-4 place.

For both of them, much will be at stake. Glory, glory, glory, and its sports and marketing benefits. They both probably made good use of the preparation time. Both of them did not waste time in vain, and until the blood worked in training. Which one is more motivated? Let's think ... Prudnik is a good guy with versatile talents - he can be not only an armwrestler. He can still get the role of Hamlet. But what the hell is Hamlet's role? Who cares about Hamlet today?! It seems to me that Kydyrgali is hungrier for the victories, success and benefits that they bring. It's enough? Someone once wrote a story about a professional boxer from the province who, heading for his fight (on foot because he didn’t have a ticket), thought only that if he makes some money, then in the evening... he will eat a decent dinner. I was passionate. In our case, both have already earned a decent dinner, now we are talking about the details. In this fight, the details are decided. I do not support any of them, because I know Prudnik poorly (although he is a good person), and I do not know Ongarbaev at all. But I look forward to a good, smooth fight, the outcome of which can be decided from round to round.

Levan Saginashvili - Vitaly Laletin - a fight for everything!

I will support the player with much smaller sizes and wish him victory. Why? Well, because Levan’s victory... will not change anything in the future. It just turns out that the largest athlete in terms of weight (in the end, not only muscle mass) - completely dominates the category. And... where are the emotions here? Where are the puzzles here? If Levan wins, we will have to wait a year, maybe two, maybe three, for someone even more powerful. During this time, his first place will be "clogged". If none of these sporting wonders of the world defeated him, whom shall we wait? If Laletin wins ... Then much more rivals will sharpen his teeth on him than on Saginashvili. They will think that, although he won, he is not so huge, he has some kind of weak spot. As a result, the victory of Laletin will cause much more excitement in the subsequent stages of the TOP-8 than the victory of Saginashvili.

It was the fan’s thoughts with all my heart. And what does the mind offer? Reason assumes that Levan is invincible and will win dry. If he can win the first round - what can prevent him from winning the second, third and subsequent? Is he not strong enough? And what do you think - what is he doing now? What is working on? In my opinion, on endurance.


Best regards and expectations in Rumia


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