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Dmitry Silaev: The beginning of the path of the Siberian Bear to Top 8 >>>

Dmitry Silaev: The beginning of the path of the Siberian Bear to Top 8 # Armwrestling #

Dmitry, I confess, I watched your fights with the conviction that nothing like this would happen... ()

Dmitry, I confess, I watched your fights with the conviction that nothing like this would happen. Suddenly, this Swede appears, Tobias Sporrong, who managed to go slipped with you. Can you tell me how this was possible?

- Tobias surprised me, to be honest. I did not expect that he has such a strong wrist, and he is also fast. On the left, he opened my wrist, to be honest, he shook me a little, but then I just rebuilt the fight, and there were no problems. In the future he will be a worthy rival to all of us, I assure you! I have never met him before.

A similar question concerns Krasimir Kostadinov. He won with you in the open left hand category. Now, a few days later, tell me - how could this happen?

- As for Krasimir - I was not at all upset that I lost to him on the left, he was more experienced than me, and was able to beat me. When I went to the finals with him, and when he hooked me in the first fight, I felt that I was stronger than him in his strongest movement - the hook. In the super finals, I did not expect him to restart me and reach the pillow. He is rightfully a champion, and there’s some reason that the whole world of armwrestling knows his name! I respect him.

You probably watched the fights of the third stage of Top 8. Did the results surprise you? What results did you set and did everything happen as you thought? Which Top 8 member surprised you?

- Alex Kurdecha surprised me, he gained experience, and became stronger, I would like to meet him in armfight. I was very happy with the victory of Evgeny Prudnik, when I came to Kyiv, he showed me a lot of interesting things, and I sincerely supported him and worried for him at this tournament. Dima Trubin worthily returned to his former form.

As for Vitaly Laletin’s performance, he gave a very worthy fight to Levan, next year Levan will be much more difficult with him, I assure you.

The next question is what to do next in 2020. Is there an offer from Igor Mazurenko to participate in the Top 8? If so, what is your answer?

- As for the proposal to take part in the Top 8 - I proved at this tournament that I deserved to rightfully take a place among the top eight world champions, and I hope that I will not remain inconspicuous. My fans assured me that I am worthy and they want to see me in Top 8.

Do you have a coach, or are you your own mentor?

- My coach Gennady Lykov, Honored Trainer of Russia, he raised many World Champions. At this stage of my professional career, Vitaly Laletin helps in preparation and mental attitude. We not only work with him and train together, but also friends in life. We carry out restoration procedures at his country house, a lot of people gather, and we not only relax, but also pull and share our successes and support each other!

And the last question that will bring your readers closer to you. What is your education? I already know, but they may not know. What are you doing now?

- I have a higher medical education, an orthopedic dentist. Unfortunately, I had to do another thing, because I am young and I want to earn money, maybe in the future I will return to my profession as a doctor, but for now I want to work for myself.

What do you do outside of work and sport?

- Outside work and sports, I like to relax, have fun, spend time with my family and travel, I like to relax both in a nightclub and in a country house with barbecue and good company :)

Thanks for the interview and see you next year!

- Greetings to my supporters!


Interview: PeSzy

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