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Kyiv Open Cup / winter section will define the Top 8 participant! >>>

Kyiv Open Cup / winter section will define the Top 8 participant! # Armwrestling #

On December 22, in Kyiv, Ukraine, there will be a duel for a place in the Top 8 in the 95 kg category between Igor Okara and Mykola Renitsa. ()

Kydyrgali Ongarbayev and Rustam Babayev, who took 4th and 8th place in the first Top 8 project, will participate in a new weight category of 95 kg in a new stage. In addition to them, the legendary U.S. arm wrestler John Brzenk will compete in this category, as well as the top three winners of the Zloty Tur in the 95 kg category: Oleg Petrenko (Ukraine), Vadim Oleinikov (Russia), David Dadikyan (Armenia).

There are two vacant places that those athletes who took 4th-7th place in this category of the Zloty Tur will fight for according to the scheme: the athlete who took 4th place will fight with those in 6th, respectively, the participant in the category from 5th place will compete athlete from 7th. Especially for this, transitional fights will be held.

“We believe that the results of the participants that we see now may not be entirely objective, and the athletes themselves can be very similar in form and strength, - commented Igor Mazurenko, President of the Professional Armwrestling League, - so the transitional fights will help us identify the following participants of Top 8 in the category of 95 kg".

In the first such match, Igor Okara (Ukraine) and Mykola Renitsa (Ukraine) will meet on December 22.

“As the organizer of this tournament, I informed the athletes who took 4th and 6th places on the Zloty Tur, Igor Okara and Mykola Renitsa about the proposal and received two positive answers at the same time. Objectively, both reported good health after the fight on Zloty Tur and their readiness to hold a six-round match on December 22 in Kyiv, - explains Olena Kuzmych, president of PAL Ukraine. - Apart from this, they understand that the fight will be difficult and responsible, as they will fight for a place in the most prestigious tournament.”

Since Ukrainians will pull in this duel, for objective refereeing, the organizers invited the referee from Poland Judita Wiercinska.

“Also, we are waiting for fights of the 70 kg category between Vladislav Chumichev and Leonid Tsyba, and 78 kg Ivanov Viarenich and Oleksandr Shapoval. Kyiv Open Cup / winter section promises to be saturated! ”- adds Elena Kuzmich.

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