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Dmitry Trubin is back from a long way! >>>

Dmitry Trubin is back from a long way! # Armwrestling #

There were a number of successes, there was a series of failures, as it happens in the career of a professional athlete. Dmitry just had to defeat Tim! He had no other choice. And he won! And most importantly - he can draw conclusions from every fight, even from losing. Now a new, good year is coming for him. We invite you to a short interview! ()

First, can you summarize the outgoing year in terms of sports? Successful, medium or unsuccessful?

- 2019 for me did not start too well. But I gathered my courage and was able to bring him to a good stage. And I am pleased with that. As I complete it, I am satisfied with my form and my struggle.

Secondly - you changed your place of residence, city, country. Is it just for sporting reasons?

- Yes, I changed my place of residence, since I already lived in the Russian Federation, so I returned to my homeland. This happened for family reasons. Now I have sparring partners here, which, of course, is good.

It is said that failure can also teach something. What exactly did you manage to learn from the lost fights?

- Each defeat that I received led to the fact that I became stronger for the next battle. Because the athlete who steps on the same rake is bad. That is, I strengthened the missing links and tried to prepare more professionally for the next match.

In the background, I hear children's voices.

How many children do you have and at what age? It seems to me that one is only one year old, because I remember that in 2018 you said in Rumia that he was about to be born?

- I have four children. The eldest, Maksim, 11 years old, Alexey is 6 years old, the third - Gregory, he will be five. And my youngest daughter, Milana, she turned one year old on December 15th.

How do you rate your position in arm wrestling? What are your goals for 2020?

- I have gained good strength and a dry working mass, I tightened the start a little, and gained the missing links. For 2020, I, like any member of the Top 8, has the task of winning the season. Therefore, I will strive and work on it. If everything works out, you'll see me in the final. But the table will show.

Share with us your impressions of the third stage of the Top 8. Did the fights surprise you or did you expect such results?

- I am pleased with the result of the first stage and the end of the year, so now I am resting, recovering, and in the near future I will begin preparations for the new season.

Dmitry, thanks for the interview, congratulations to you and your whole family!

PeSzy and Dmitry Trubin guard the bag of Anna Mazurenko, Rumia, 2017

Interview: PeSzy

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