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Optimus Prime is back in service >>>

Optimus Prime is back in service # Armwrestling #

The duel between Dmitry Trubin and Tim Bresnan is to some extent the title one. Despite the fact that the athletes fought for fifth place, the outcome of this fight was very important for us, the audience. ()

Indeed, in fact, previously Tim showed a good fight and confirmed his status as a strong and complex opponent. Dmitry, in his turn, had a number of losses, but these losses were from the strongest athletes. After the fight with Alex Kurdecha, it became clear to us that Dmitry was no longer an outsider in the Top 8, but at that moment, he was weaker than the finalists were. And it was the duel against Tim Bresnan that perfectly explained the position of Dmitry Trubin among the top eight.

The fight itself turned out to be very unpredictable. Many expected Tim to win, but those who bet on Trubin still expected a tense fight with long rounds and an unknown outcome until the end of the meeting. But Dmitry made and brought the form with which he did not leave a single chance to Tim. Trubin didn’t even have to realize his rich technical arsenal, he repeatedly attacked on toproll and opened his opponent’s wrist, regardless in straps or not.

After Kydrygali Ongarbayev moves to the Top 8 up to 95kg and vacates the place, Dmitry Trubin finds himself in the pool of champions, which in turn gives him obvious advantages and the opportunity not to get to Levan or Vitaly in the first round. And the likelihood that he will overcome his rivals in the first round and move into the second, still in the status of a champion, is quite high, if only because half of the applicants are already obviously weaker than Dmitry. As a result, Dmitry has the opportunity, regardless of the opponent and the result of the second stage, to compete in the final match for a higher place than he won this year.

So the victory over Tim turned out to be important to Dmitry rather with a guarantee for the future, it returned him to the status of a rising star.

The defeat did not cause any damage to Tim’s reputation, but only fueled interest in his future struggle. After all, he has a chance to get on Evgeny Prudnik, and try to repeat the success of 2015, or in the second stage to find out what Alex Kurdecha really costs.

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