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Krasimir Kostadinov: I want to become an overall champion >>>

 Krasimir Kostadinov: I want to become an overall champion # Armwrestling #

Last weekend, in a very dramatic duel, Krasimir Kostadinov defeated Alex Kurdecha and earned a place in the Top 8 2020 in the 105+ category. We invite you to get a little closer to the new Top 8 heavyweight champion. ()

Krasimir, tell your story when you came to arm wrestling and why this sport?
 - Since school, I pulled with all my friends and classmates, and it so happened that I defeated all of them.  After that, I wanted to try myself in competitions. In 2005, on the Internet, I saw that competitions would be held in Sofia, I took part in them and became the 3rd among juniors in heavy weight, then I was 17 years old.  After this competition, I fell in love with armwrestling and told myself that the day would come when I would be the best in the world.

 You have been in sports for a long time, what motivates you to still engage and perform at the highest level?  Achievements, titles, what is most important for you?
 - I just want to become a heavyweight champion and become the absolute world champion.  At Zloty Tur 2019 I became the absolute champion on the left hand, now I need to become the best on the right hand.  This has been my motivation for over 10 years.

 Tell us about your training system.  Is it true that you train only at the table with sparring partners?  Why did you choose such way of workouts?
 - Yes, it’s true and I’ve been training like this for 8-9 years.  I managed to communicate several times with Ivan Abadzhiev, this is the best weightlifting coach in the world.  In these conversations, he explained a lot to me about the work of our body and muscles.  After these meetings, I completely revised and changed my approach to training.

 The load in weightlifting and armwrestling is very similar, but joints are more involved in armwrestling - this is an important fact that should not be forgotten.

 As far as we know, in addition to competing, you train other athletes.  Do they all work on the same system?
 - Yes, among my students there are 4 world champions - Sasho Andreev, Bozhidar Simeonov, Dimitrina Petrova and Elbin Ferad (junior).

 You're not a heavyweight, why did you choose category 105+ kg for the Top 8 project and not 95 kg?
 - I did not consider the category up to 95 kg at all, because I want to become the best among heavyweights. I always wanted to win the Zloty Tur open class because it was the most prestigious title.  Now the most prestigious title is the Top 8 champion, so my goal is to win the Top 8 in heavyweight.

 What do you think about the Top 8 project?
 - This is a very good project, it expands the boundaries of our sport.  I hope that PAL will succeed and we will watch the Top 8 tournaments in all categories.

 Tell us about the equipment for training, which you talk about in social networks.
 - The best armwrestling training is arm wrestling.  But it happens that you do not have the opportunity to train with a partner, and then the simulator that I offer helps a lot to imitate the struggle at the table. In fact, this is a block simulator, but its advantages are its small weight and compactness, it fits easily into the car and you can train with it everywhere.

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