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Joseph Fox: I’ve learnt so much! >>>

Joseph Fox: I’ve learnt so much! # Armwrestling #

Last Sunday we saw a transitional fight of Raimonds Antonovics vs Joseph Fox. Despite Joseph lost in this match, he stays in Top 8 as a reserve puller. How does he takes this event? ()

Joseph, you were pretty close. But what happened as for you?

- Well, the first round was kind a way that I expected. I tried to toproll, I held him good. His power felt good too, I felt I was ready for this for sure. I should went hook for first round, that is where I am strong. But I thought my best chance was toproll and I wanted to try it. The second match was the same thing and he kind of bled me out. I held on a little too long and after the second match my forearm was so blown up. I had no hand, I can hardly open it. So, I knew next four rounds are not going to be very good for me. But I wasn’t giving up, no way. I really enjoyed it, it was great experience.

So, the main thing you feel lack of was endurance, right?

- Yes, endurance. I know my endurance wouldn’t be all right. I’ve been training it couple times a week. In general, I trained almost every day but not enough time at the table. I need to step up a lot. That is the best thing of being at the level that I’ve never been before.

You learn new things, you know you got to go back you got to train harder, put in little more table time. He blown me up at the second round, but maybe if I was a little bit more training on the table, I could last four rounds, I could have enough strength, I could have win into the hook. But it didn’t work out that way. And I’ve learnt so much!

You are in a reserve now. Are you ready to keep your shape ready to pull almost every time of the year?

- Yes, so for sure. When I get back, I will come back straight for the training. I have a little pain in my arm but I hope it would be gone soon. I am ready to do some recovery training and then I will get better shape that I’ve ever been in. This gives the drive. I am going to be stronger, have better endurance and be more well-rounded. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. And that’s what I want.

Joe, thank you for great match! We wish you good recovery. Come back even stronger!

- I will! Next year I will pull 86 kg class because it’s more natural weight for me. I will visit Daniel Mosier to pull and learn from him, there are also more competitions in US, more pullers to workout. I will try my luck in 86 kg.

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