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Kurdecha-Kostadinov: the best fight of the evening! >>>

Kurdecha-Kostadinov: the best fight of the evening! # Armwrestling #

The duel between Alex Kurdecha and Krasimir Kostadinov became the most fascinating event of the evening. We had not seen such a heat of passion and intrigue for a very long time, and the score 3-3 was actually the first case in the history of PAL. ()

Why did the fight go exactly like this, could there be a score - 4-3 in favor of Krasimir Kostadinov, - different and if so, what was needed for this?

The answer to the first question is obvious, and of course, yes.

What was needed for this?

Consider the situation from Krasimir Kostadinov’s side. First of all, for the best result, Krasimir did not have enough strength in the wrist flexor. And, in fact, this is the main flaw of the Bulgarian, which gave us such a spectacular duel. Indeed, if it was enough wrist strength to at least hold it static while attacking with side pressure or defending, the score would be much more obvious for Krasimir. But it's not just about wrist. Kostadinov also lacked the strength of the pronator, and this is clearly visible in the first 2 rounds, where after a failed attack he does not manage to keep the opponent on the central part of the table, and he falls into a defensive position, from which he can no longer regain the initiative.

You can notice that both of these nuances are more training in nature. Was there something that Krasimir missed during the fight, and due to which he could show a better result? Surely yes, he can spend this fight more productively. Starting from the 4th round, Krasimir pulled in every fight without a wrist, and he did it successfully: it is clear that the movement has been sufficiently developed. But how exactly the Bulgarian appeared in the position – it was his main mistake.

There are two nuances in this situation.

The first is global: Krasimir started each fight, trying to work out with a wrist, although it was already obvious that he has not enough strength, and Kurdecha still opens it, transferring Kostadinov to a disadvantageous, more open and extended position. And the second nuance, which directly follows from the first, is the unsuccessful positioning of the wrist. Krasimir slightly dropped his wrist to better control the opponent’s hand, but after Alex attack, Krais found himself in an even more disadvantageous position.

Perhaps Krasimir should have done right from the start what he was doing in the seventh round: to start in the side and immediately give the wrist, at the same time not losing his attacking position. If Krasimir had orientated earlier, then, probably, the score could have been 4-2 in his favor.

As for Alex Kurdecha, in his case everything turns out to be a little simpler. The first thing that caught our eyes is a slower start. Alex did not have enough speed to start first and gain an advantage. And the second, perhaps even more important nuance, was an insufficiently developed technique. Alex fights in very stretched angles, moving far away from the table, while sometimes trying to convert the struggle into triceps. Just when Alex came to the table and rose up, Krasimir counterattacked very successfully, forcing Kurdecha to return back to the tightening toproll fight. If Alex were closer to the table initially, it would be much easier for him to go on the attack with triceps and Alex would probably have every chance to get out of this fight even with a score of 5-1.

Alex Kurdecha continues to participate in the Top 8 as a reserve athlete. Krasimir Kostadinov will show his training practices in Top 8, where Vitaly Laletin will become his rival in the first stage. We look forward to an even more productive fight from the Bulgarian athlete!

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