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Krasimir Kostadinov: I left all myself at the table >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov: I left all myself at the table # Armwrestling #

Krasimir Kostadinov passes to the Top 8 and gets Vitaly Laletin to the rivals. What does Krasimir need to show his best side in the further struggle? ()

Krasimir, share your impressions, how does it feel to be part of the longest armfight in the history of Vendetta?

- Alex was much stronger than I expected. I was in good shape and thought that I would win 4 times quickly, but everything went wrong at all, as I thought. In this fight, I left all of myself at the table, and I am very glad that I won.

After the first two rounds, it seemed that Alex had picked up the key to victory and there would be a repeat of the scenario of his fight with Rustam Babayev. How did you manage to change the course of the match?

- I was more enduring than Alex was. Even in the first few rounds, the referee did not tie us very well with the strap, I told them about this and then they started to do it better. For me it was very important and I managed to better use my strengths.

Indeed, there were some disputes between you and referees during the fight.

What were you talking about?

- I asked referees to tighten the strap better, while Alex, on the contrary, didn’t want to make it so tight. So we had these disputes about it.

What do you plan to do with your own weight when fighting in the Top 8, because it's superheavyweight class and heavy opponents are waiting for you?

- I try to gain weight, now I am 106 kg, I have never weighed so much. I will try to gain another 2-3 kilograms, if possible. Weight actually does not always play a big role. The most significant factor is when a person gains weight, his palm becomes thicker and this causes the most inconvenience. Usually gained weight is spreading on the whole body and it may not give any advantage, but the fact that the palm is getting bigger is really a big plus.

Whom would you rather choose to be your rivals in the first stage?

- For me, this is really not important. I'm going to win the Top 8 this year.

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