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Oleg Petrenko: Antonovics is the best option for me >>>

Oleg Petrenko: Antonovics is the best option for me # Armwrestling #

As a result of the Top 8 draw in a weight of 95 kg, Oleg Petrenko got into the rivals of Raimonds Antonovics. What will the Ukrainian armwrestler prepare for this fight? ()

Oleg, are you satisfied with the results of the draw?

- Yes, I am pleased with the draw. This is one of the best options for me.

Before the draw, did you think with whom you would like to compete?

- Yes, I thought. I am ready to fight with everyone and win, but Igor Okara and Raimonds Antonovics are the best options.

What opportunities do you see for yourself in the fight against Antonovics?

- Only a victory!

What do you consider as his advantages, and in what you can be the best?

- His advantage is experience. I will not evaluate and disclose mine. It will be a surprise for everyone.

You saw how Raimonds pulled at the Zloty Tur, also refreshed your knowledge when he pulled at a transition fight. Will you prepare in any special way for him? What do you put in the basis of your preparation?

- Yes, I will prepare differently for the fight with Raimonds. I study his fighting style. The basis of my preparation is the study of my weaknesses, which I try to make as strong as possible, for example, start and so on.

How do you like pairs in +105 kg class? Whom will you cheer for?

- Matchups are very good, all fights will be interesting. Probably, like most, it is very interesting for me to see the duel between Saginashvili and Chaffee. I think that Levan will win 4-2. I will cheer for Evgeniy Prudnik. I think this year he will work on the mistakes, and we will see him in the final.

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