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Vadim Aleinikov: I will try to surprise everyone, even Rustam >>>

Vadim Aleinikov: I will try to surprise everyone, even Rustam # Armwrestling #

In early February, in Kyiv, the long-awaited draw for the 1st stage of the Top 8 project both in the categories of 95 kg and +105 kg took place. The participants recognized their rivals in the first stage, which is perhaps the most important for them in the entire project. We contacted Vadim Aleinikov, a 95 kg category participant from Russia, and found out his opinion on the results of the draw. ()

Vadim, tell us how you spent time after the Zloty Tur - how much did you rest, recover? When did he start training again?

- After returning from Zloty Tur, the very next day I went to training. Within a month I was engaged in light recovery training.

What phase of preparation are you currently in?

- At the moment, I feel very good. There were many nuances before Zloty, perhaps I would have performed better. Now I weigh 94-95 kg and just starting to gain in my strength indicators.

Recently we saw the draw of the Top 8, how do you like these matchups? What are the most interesting for you?

- During the draw, some matches formed very unexpectedly. For me, the most interesting are Dmitry Silaev - Dmitry Trubin and John Brzenk - David Dadikyan, the rest are almost all predictable.

You have to fight with Rustam Babayev, what do you think of him as an athlete and your rival?

- Before the draw, I did not want to pull only Oleg Petrenko. Rustam Babayev is an incredibly strong and experienced athlete, but I will try to surprise everyone, including him.

Rustam has been in sports for a very long time, does this mean that everyone already knows his style and can effectively prepare for it? Are you preparing for Rustam somehow in a special way?

- I radically changed my training process. In my preparation, I left some basic exercises, but basically switched only to specialized ones.

Do you think there is a place for trashtalk in arm wrestling?

- Such thing like trashtalk is very necessary for any sport, without it at the moment everything will be in place.

We wish good luck to Vadim in preparing for the first stage of the Top 8!

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