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Tim Bresnan: I will be prepared in Kyiv >>>

Tim Bresnan: I will be prepared in Kyiv # Armwrestling #

Tim Bresnan will confront Evgeny Prudnik at the first stage of Top 8 2020. They met before this fight several times. What Tim is going to show us this time? ()

Tim, you have Evgeny Prudnik as a rival in the first stage of Top 8. How do you think will it be the revenge of your previous fight or totally different match?

- Really, I pulled him in Vegas. I won 5-0. I was supposed to lose ever since there has been excuses why he lost. He lost because I was the better fighter that day. I will be a prepared fighter in Kyiv. His fights in Top 8 has shown me his strengths and weaknesses, so I will do my best to exploit them.

What do you expect form Evgeny?

- I expect him to come prepared.

He should expect the same

What are you going to prepare for your fight? What is more necessary for Prudnik – strength or endurance?

- It will be both strength and endurance. I am working hard at both.   

How do you like the matchups of the first stage? Which one will be the most interesting?

- I like my match up most.  But Dave Chaffee and Levan Saginashvili will be good match. It is the best option for both.  Dmitry Trubin and Dmitry Silaev should be another good match. Krasimir and Vitaly. I think Vitaly is to long for Krasi. But Krasi is versatile, so never know.

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