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Rustam Babaev: The outcome of our fight will depend on a lot >>>

Rustam Babaev: The outcome of our fight will depend on a lot # Armwrestling #

Rustam Babaev in the first stage of Top 8 will meet with Vadim Aleinikov. What is the Ukrainian athlete preparing for this match? ()

Rustam, are you satisfied with how the pair formed after the draw in your category? Are you glad to such an opponent as Vadim Aleinikov?

- It seems to me that Vadim is the strongest of the challenging four. Yes, I wanted to pull him. But maybe not at the very first stage. But since the draw was honest, so let it be, how it happened. All are strong, and you need to prepare well for each of the athletes.

You will probably have one of the most interesting fights. You are a little different in physics. What do you think, with which of the Top 8 +105 kg can Aleinikov be compared?

- To be honest, I have never pulled with him.

It is difficult to compare him with someone from the +105 kg category.

How is your preparation for the fight going? What did you put in its basis?

- I am gaining strength, speed and endurance.

What do you think that Vadim can oppose to you?

- I suppose that Vadim will try to toproll and is unlikely to risk going into a hook.

What will the outcome of your struggle depend on?

- The outcome of the fight, I think, will depend on many factors. But the most important are form and refereeing.

How do you like pairs in weight +105 kg? Which will be the most interesting for you?

- These matchups are very interesting. The greatest interest is a pair of Levan Saginashvili and Dave Chaffee.

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