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Home workout for armwrestler >>>

Home workout for armwrestler # Armwrestling #

If you stayed at home and are waiting for a sign from above to do some workout, here it is. ()

If you decide to take care of your health and stay at home during this difficult time, you probably want to keep your shape. What exercises will help you with this?

Healthy athletic exercise is one of the keys to good immunity. Home workouts will help you keep fit. Here are some exercises to help keep your hands in good shape.

1. Good warming up.

Before performing any exercises in the gym or at home, you should warm up well. Naturally, not everyone has a treadmill at home, but you can do without it with the help of turns, bends, swinging, squats and, perhaps, one of the most important exercises - push-ups. Push-ups with different arm positions will help to engage and stretch various muscles of the body. It will also help warm up with rubber band.

2. Exercises with rubber band.

Straps can also be used well for this type of exercise.

- pull the rubber with your foot and perform exercises for the brachioradialis muscle, pronator or supinator, performing the appropriate movements;

- attach rubber band at head level and do movements that mimic pulling movements;

- also, rubber band will help you work on the start.

3. Weighted exercises.

As a burden (in addition to standard dumbbells), you can use food bags or large bottles / cans. With them, you can perform a variety of exercises - from lifting the biceps to pumping your fingers.

A video about working on backs at home was released by our Global Armwrestling colleagues:

In fact, picking up exercises specific to armwrestling is not so difficult. The main thing in this case is discipline and motivation.

Strengthen your immune system and stay healthy!

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