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Expert's voice: moderate activity! >>>

Expert's voice: moderate activity! # Armwrestling #

I come to Sławomir Ambroziak with questions about sport - training, supplements, health and nutrition for many, many years. Twenty-eight, I think, if I remember it right. But only in special situations. Because Sławek has a spacious mind, knowledge and a very wide assessment of the situation. No wonder now that in the face of the virus I decided to call him again. ()

Sławek, I have a few questions. The first is about lonely trainings. Well, it is obvious that if you train – you do it by yourself. But one more detail. Workouts are said to increase our immunity. Are you sure? However, are we not weakened by strong training?

- If someone does not need motivation in the form of leaving home and do workouts with training partners, then of course, training alone will bring exactly the same results. Moderate physical activity has a positive effect on our immunity, but already practicing sport at a competitive level has a disastrous effect on it. It is for this reason seasonal infections are the bane of high-performance athletes. So I think that in a pandemic situation we should exercise with appropriate moderation... We practice recreationally, and leave hard training sessions for later. Such "off" may even positively affect the results after the end of the pandemic. I would not worry about muscles because there is such a thing as scientifically confirmed muscle memory. It is not proven, however, that less heavy or less intense workouts will have a negative effect on the weight and strength of our muscles. At most, no progress will be assumed.

Next question. Some are "holding on", others panic.

Can we, with reference to the past experience, formulate a message that brings hope that it all will end soon?

- Past experience with viral infections teach us that their epidemics usually expire with the arrival of warm months. So I suspect that also the coronavirus will stop in May, at the latest in June. The problem may come back in the autumn, but then drugs or vaccines should appear.

The last question. Virus threat for those who use forbidden support, in short, steroids. Is the body of competitors using steroids "weaker", less resistant to infection?

- Studies generally show that androgens, male sex hormones, which are steroids, suppress the immune system, while female estrogens stimulate it. Admittedly, several new studies have recently been shown to call into question this older knowledge of androgens, but personally I would be very cautious about it at this time... I'd rather put steroids away during a pandemic.

Interviewed by PeSzy

Sławomir Ambroziak - a former athlete, pharmacist, trainer and referee of strength and body disciplines. Since 1993, co-creator of the Medsport sports pharmacy, established at the initiative of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine and the Center of Sports Medicine. Since this year, he has been popularizing knowledge about ingredients, action, use and importance of dietary supplements - and above all - nutrients for athletes for health and physical condition. To date, he has published over 2,000 articles from range.

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