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Let's be serious # Armwrestling #

Marek Milczarek - armwrestler, psychologist, journalist, teacher - explains how to relate to the current situation. ()

Marek! I must admit that with great concern I propose to talk about the current situation. Many people are now showing their “wisdom” regarding infection with the virus, although they should not, because they have nothing to say.

Do we have anything to say? If so - let's talk!

- I want to say that we need to be reasonable and not fall into hysteria or take lightly of all this. As for listening to others... Following the example of Italy, where people assumed that no one could impose anything on them - I would rather listen to the sanitary recommendations.

Me too, although everything revolts inside me when authorities want to limit me. But now - I will heed these limitations.

Marek, is it easier to endure these limitations and inconveniences, if you believe in some theory of the occurrence of the virus?

- No! Let's be serious. Yes, lately, on some TV channels you can see some replays of “From X-Archive”, but perhaps we should not let ourselves be deceived and use conspiracy theories. Moreover, this will not help in anything other than introducing into psychosis.

What can athletes do in this situation?

- We must deal with the new situation. Yes, we can relax a bit first. But we do not know how long it will take to sit away from the gyms. Fortunately, there are more and more tips on how we can train at home and with what is at hand.

Thank you for the conversation!


Interview by PeSzy

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