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Best sponsor? Parents! >>>

Best sponsor? Parents! # Armwrestling #

Polish representative in Armwrestling - Małgorzata Ostrowska - often appears in the national media. From the interview we gave recently, we learned what the beginnings of her career looked like, we also learned some "secrets". ()

Fans of Złoty Tur, TOP 8 and IFA World Championships in Poland (Rumia) certainly know Małgorzata Ostrowska. Below are some excerpts from the interview that Jakub Jakubowski conducted with Gosia. You also know Cuba, he often works at armwrestling events in Poland.

It turns out ... The best sponsor? They are parents!

She was doomed to martial arts and strength sports. Dad - self-defense instructor, and gym owner. No wonder that Małgosia had her first dumbbells before she even learned to walk. She played with pink dumbbells as much as dolls. Dad didn't ask if she did her homework, only if she did the training.

Małgorzata Ostrowska:

"I got infected with my love for strength training and martial arts. I practiced judo for several years and finally, when I was 14 years old, I saw in the newspaper an account of the world armwrestling championships, in which Polish representatives also fought.

A milestone in my career was the World Championships in Japan. I started in them only after a year of specialized training. My parents took a loan so I could go to Tokyo. I became the runner-up in the world of juniors for the right hand, I also won bronze for the left hand "

I invite you to the whole. If you do not know Polish - then look at the pictures.


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