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Despite the epidemic! >>>

Despite the epidemic! # Armwrestling #

Polish athlete specializing in javelin - Marcin Krukowski was on a training camp in Turkey. The Turkish authorities decided to close the training centers, so he returned. And with his father - trainer, he made a "training center" in the home and garden. ()

Of course, not everyone has a detached house and garden, not everyone has a tractor. But let's be inspired by this example, even on the balcony. Only without exaggeration.

Photos and the whole can be found at this link. I recommend it because it's cool. I just chose a few sentences to draw your attention.

"From heavy iron parts of old cars to heavy stones to wooden beams. It calmly replaces the gym. We cut the bushes, plunded the ground, leveled the ground to make training safe "

Father and trainer:

“I am always ready for political or other turmoil.

I am prepared from the nutritional and training side, I think at least enough. The day after returning to Poland, we started working. Shovels, rakes went into motion. We have prepared a square. Some equipment was brought to us. The parcel was left at the gate and we could pick it up safely. We train once a day, but it's a long class. The exercises are very similar, but there are simply different instruments in the hands. These are more troublesome, but it even improves the situation. The barbell is easy to catch, the wooden ball is less."

Well, that's all, take a look at this article, because it's worth it.

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