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Shardara Armsport - the only club like that! # Armwrestling #

Shardara Armsport - the only such club, the only such place! Shardara in South Kazakhstan. There is no second such place in the world! 18 (eighteen) World Champions in one discipline are... neighbors from one street! Coach and founder of the club - Arman Karsybaev also lives on the same street. In total he brought up (as of today - April 2020) 33 (thirty three) World Champions in armwrestling. One of the leading athlete of the club is Kydyrgali Ongarbayev. ()

I think that there is nowhere else such a special, sporting place. It is 3 875 miles from London to Shardara, 75 hours by car. It's a bit far.

Shardara Armsport club was founded by Arman Karsybaev. A few words about him:
First he trained at home on simple equipment. He studied transportation. As a student he met armwrestling coach Vladimir Drexler. It was him who familiarized Arman with armwrestling. During his studies Arman started to win first academic, then local, city tournaments. He graduated and returned to his home town. 
After returning to his home town he did not manage to find a job in his learned profession. So first he gathered a small group of kids and started training with them. The equipment was very primitive but the training rules were very hard and strict. They trained in the open air, regardless of the weather and season. Arman dealt not only with armwrestling but also with "girowyj sport" which in Russian means Kettlebell in English.
Young charges of the coach started to take part in competitions and succeed. The club became known in the region and the coach was offered a job in the local sports school.

"I started making money from my hobby. I had many plans, but at the beginning I joined the Institute of Physical Education to get the necessary pedagogical knowledge. Time was hard. There were no conditions for training in sports school, so we still practiced in quite primitive conditions."

says Arman Karsybaev.

The efforts of the coach and the effort of the athletes gave more and more results. During the Shymkent competition, the regional armwrestling coach Viktor Kim invited the athletes from Shardara to take part in the Kazakhstan Championship. The debut was a great success. After winning the Republic Championships, athletes from the "province" probably paved the way to the Asian Championships, and from there straight to the World Championships.

Since then, the athletes from this club have been successful in all competitions in the country, in Asia and worldwide. They literally win bags of medals. The whole sporting world speaks about them.

New equipment and excellent training conditions

Currently, the club's athletes have at their disposal a modern sports hall, well-equipped open spaces for training, comfortable conditions and the necessary sports equipment. They have built a training base for the Shardara Armsport club at their own expense. At one point, realizing that the state does not have sufficient funds to solve all the existing problems at once, Arman proposed to put part of the cash prizes in a special moneybox. The initiative was unanimously supported. They collected enough money to build a training hall on the outskirts of the city, where everyone can train without exception. The club opened its doors to local youth who want to improve their physical fitness. Recently they cleaned up the surrounding area, cleared the rubbish dump and created the Champions Avenue. A "sports paradise" has appeared on the outskirts of the city. In the middle of the alley there is a sculpture dedicated to armwrestling. Arman Karsybaev was appointed director of the Regional Sports School for Children and Youth.

The secret of success?

"Almost all the athletes who became world champions came to me in my early childhood. He has been training for 6 years. Everyone listens to the coach's recommendations and must persevere. Our club is like one big family. And that also affects the overall result."

reveals the secret of Arman Karsybaev's success.

It's just a summary of this remarkable club.
I was based on a publication under the title:
Арман и армрестлинг
by - Любовь Доброта, Туркестанская область 
you'll find it  here. 

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