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Armed by Eklund – a group with the best female armwrestlers in Sweden >>>

Armed by Eklund – a group with the best female armwrestlers in Sweden # Armwrestling #

Armed by Eklund was started by the armwrestler Roine Eklund. Roine had his own successful international carrier from 1992 – 2010. He has won both the European and World championships during his active time as an armwrestler. ()

Roine got taught the techniques in armwrestling by the great swedish “Legend” Andreas Rundström and his brother Jonas Rundström. Later on Janis Amolins played a big part of how he developed his filosophy in armwrestling. When Roine quit his carrier he kept on wanting to give to the sport through training others. Roine studied to be a sport coach at the sports highschool Bosön in Sweden. He had different coaching groups, but he wanted to start a group with strong athletes that was on the same high level and to get them to train together and help each other to become even better. Some of the Swedish armwrestling ladies asked him if he could coach them.



So in November 2016 he started ”Armed by Eklund”  that has some of the best female armwrestlers in Sweden with names like: Felicia Eklund (also his wife), Fia Reisek, Victoria Karlsson, Malin Kleinsmith, Elina Persson, Sara Nyberg and Carolina Pettersson.



All of them have taken medals at the big stages in the world, with several world and european championship golds. All the members of Armed by Eklund has their own armwerstling clubs that they train and pull for in their cities. Armed by Eklund is just an additional club, that helps the athletes with training programs, support and camps, to become even better.

“We spend a lot of time together as often as we can even though we live far away from each other, we try to train together at least every third month. My task is to get to know everything about my athletes opponents, to analyse them and to give my athletes a training program to become the best at every important competition, and off course I am there to coach them during the competitions too.”

- says Roine Eklund



”It´s challenging to lead a female group of athlets since it is very different to male athletes and the sport is different between men and women. But I feel comfortable and I want to put my time on female sport that still today is not equal to male sport in media, with prize money a.s.o. Even though I know that this group of females put as much, if not more, heart in to their training than most men do, and also has to pay as much money for gym cards, travels, starting fees a.s.o. ”



All the members of ”Armed by Eklund” meet up almost every third month in different cities in Sweden. Roine Eklund plans the training program for each meet, that always ends up with an armwrestling practice. Sometimes there is a leacture with different lecturer that leactures about for an example lifting technique, the optimal training for women due to their hormon cycle a.s.o..

Before important competitions like the European or the World Championships each armwrestler gets an individual training program that Roine Eklund has made for each female to follow to be in the right spike on the day of competition.

It has meant a lot to me to have Roine as my coach and to have the other girls in ”Armed by Eklund” to talk to and get advice from before a competition. It feels good to always have somebody to discuss my training with, that knows me and knows everything about me and my training, Victoria Karlsson says.

I have learned so much about myself that I can challenge myself more than I thought was possible. The support from Roine and the others is worth more than gold.
I agree, Fia Reisek says. It’s so nice to be able to get advices from the athletes in ”Armed by Eklund. I feel a great community with the other girls, and I feel the support from them and our coach when I have a setback or when everything feels great. I have been in this group for many years now and have never regret it for a second. I have learnt so much about different training techniques but also we have tried on many different sports that I have learnt a lot from.

All the girls feel like they have learnt more about training and how to train the right way for armwrestling. They feel like they know more about how they should plan their training before a bigger competition. To be the best, when they need to. And if you look at their achievements, it surely looks like it has worked. But best of all, they have won friendship, and call them selves best of friends.

Without ”Armed by Eklund” I wouldn´t have won the World Championships 2018, says Malin Kleinsmith. Not only cause of the training programs I have gotten, but I was not gonna go to the World Championships that year. I had felt bad due to anemia, so I hadn´t been able to train as much and hard as I wanted to. I wrote to all of them in our chat that we have that I was not gonna compete at the worlds, since I hadn´t been able to train as hard as I wanted.




”I wanted their sympathies and wanted them to say ”we understand, there will be a next year”. But instead they said ”Hell no, we´re not letting you quit and miss this years worlds. Just have fun Malin, don´t feel any pressure, off course you should compete. ” Ha ha, ha, ha, so I did. And I won the last world championships that was united. And I am so greatful for ”Armed by Eklund” who pushed me to not quit.
Armed by Eklund doesn´t only meet up every third month to train together. They also have a chat that is active every day.
«Ha, ha, yeah, the chat is really funny, - Victoria Karlsson says. Every evening when I read it I laugh until I cry. They are all crazy and funny. It gives you a lot of energy.»  
Fia Reisek agrees: «Yeah, the chat is really funny. We are not only serious and write about practises all the time. We share stuff that is funny and have a good laugh. Or just support one and another, when someone is down.»

«Since we live so far away from each other, this is the way we spend time together. We support each other trough the chat and some times we challenge each other in stupid things, - Malin Kleinsmith says.
But isn´t it hard to practise and spend time with your opponents all the time, showing them your weaknesses and strenghts? The girls all agrees:
”Opponents can definitely help you to become better. Even if we will meet eye to eye on an armwrestling table and are super serious on the table, you learn a lot from the other person. In this group you always have to challenge yourself to become even better, cause if you don´t train hard, the other person is right behind you and will beat you.”

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