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IFA ARMWRESTLING REPORT - 13 MAY 2020 # Armwrestling #

We listen to the news every day, but usually care about what is happening in the neighborhood, in our city and our country. And what's up with our rivals in other countries? I do not know? You probably don't know much either. That is why I turned to the Heads of national armwrestling federations. I asked about training conditions, restrictions and general situation. A few answers from Slovakia, Canada, Japan, France, Finland, Georgia. Thank everyone who wrote back. I am waiting for further information. It looks like we all have and had the same problems. ()

Marian Capla - answers from SLOVAKIA:
National Championships?
The term was 16.05.2020. Because of the coronavirus we have to change the date of the National Championships. The curerent date is 24.10.2020
Can our athlets train normally? - Not really, there are restrictions. GYMS are closed, athlets need to train personally at home, they organize some trainings with club members at home.
What is the situation in your country in general?
Situation is under control, but still many places closed due to government restrictions. We expect to open all in next twoo weeks (but still depends on actual situation).

Rick Pinkney – answers from Canada
Because of the coronavirus we cancelled National Championships – move to July 2021
Can your athletes train normally?
Are there any restrictions?
What restrictions?
No training outside of current household.
What is the situation in your country in general?
The curve is flattening however only select businesses are open. Some parts of the country are further ahead than others.

Masato Sato -answers from Japan
Situation in Japan:
Less damaged in Japan by COVID19 than in the US and Europe. However, since April, a national emergency declaration has been issued, and going out is restricted. For this reason, each athletes are not able to gather for practice, and each one is doing weight training at home. JAWA holds a web-based pull-up competition to maintain athletes' strength and motivation.
In Japan, restrictions on going out are scheduled to be lifted in June, but I do not know what will happen in the future.
The All Japan Championship will be held in November. Although there is a desire to send athletes to the IFA World Tournament, it is difficult to make a decision at this stage considering the global infection situation.
We wish the world's arm wrestlers an early day to enjoy our sport.

Didy – answers from France:
Did you have to change the date of the National Championships because of the coronavirus? Yes!
What is your current date for the Championships?
I dont know... may be middle of august if possible.
Can your athlets train normally?
Yes for 80 %
Are there any restrictions? Yes!
What restrictions?
People train only at home.

What is the situation in your country in general?
We just stop quarantine but restaurant, pubs, cinemas, gyms etc are steal closed... We expect opening boards on june...

Erika Ketola – from Finland:
We managed to arrange Finnish National Championship for Juniors and Masters, 14th March, just before Finnish goverment set strict restrictions due coronavirus. Anyhow situation affect to amount of competitors and we faced lot of last minute cancellations.
Nationals for Seniors was planned to take place 18th April, but because of situation they are postponed and new date is 1st of August. So far it looks promising that we can make it then.
Armwrestlers in Finland have not been able to train equally in armwrestling table or at gym during Corona virus restrictions. Majority of training places have been completely closed, like schools and public gyms. Some of armwrestlers have been able to train at home with their own tables or tables which their clubs have let them to borrow. Unfortunately all armwrestlers have not had that possibility. Home training has to be done in small groups in order to respect 10 person assembly restriction which are still in force.
1st of June Finnish goverment starts to lighten restrictions, so clubs can start arrange trainings again. The most of the Finnish armwrestlers will get back to the table latest then.
Any how during restriction Finnish armwrestler have been able to heel possible old injuries and find alternative ways to practise so when we are back in table we are stronger and better than ever.
Stay healthy!

Sandro Gurchiani - Answer from Georgia
We were planning to hold a national championship at the end April for staffing the team for the European championship, we were also registered in IFA Armwrestling World Cup tournament (flying tickets were bought for more than 10 athletes) which supposed to be held on the 3-5 April in Senec, Slovakia.
We haven't arranged a national championship date yet as currently there is a still state of emergency in the country.
Can your athletes train normally?
Unfortunately athletes cannot train normally as all the gyms are closed, they work out at home individually.
Are there any restrictions? What restrictions? What is the situation in your country in general? Georgia has extended a state of emergency until 22nd of May, and we aren't completely sure if this lasts only until 22nd of May, lock down continues and no one is allowed to go outside from 9 PM to 6 AM. Roughly everything is closed, except groceries and pharmacies.

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