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Great comeback! >>>

Great comeback! # Armwrestling #

Jan "Janek" "Yellow" Żółciński called the "Great Hope of Warsaw, Polish and European Armwrestling" - returns to sport. The break was lasted several seasons. It was caused, as far as I know, fatigue and many professional and family responsibilities. ()

Today, 20 June 2020, Jan appeared at the training of the ARMFIGHT Piaseczno Team with Alex Kurdecha, Marcin Lachowicz and awers athlets. He trained a little and looked tired. I hope that this athlet will return to the table and into shape.

For young athlets and supporters - a bit of history.

After a month of training, Janek took part in Poland Debuts 2010 (Old Town) where he took the 3rd place in the open category. The first mention on (of my authorship) of the "unknown debutant from Warsaw" appeared on the occasion of the XII Polish Armwrestling Championships, which took place in Grudziądz in March 2012.
And then, in January 2017 I had to write on that unfortunately!
Jan "Janek" "Yellow" Żółciński gives up armwrestling!

Big comeback!

It's June 21, 2020 and now I kindly inform you that I have been, seen and I know Janek is coming back!

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