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Igor Mazurenko - silence, peace and work >>>

Igor Mazurenko - silence, peace and work # Armwrestling #

Well, finally at we have something from Igor Mazurenko, head of PAL / URPA. Where have you been and why so long? What did you do when you were away? And some other questions. ()

I learned that Igor Mazurenko at the beginning of this hysteria with the virus - literally "stuck" in Ukraine, in his hometown. How did this happen? Well, he went to Ukraine for business, academic and family matters, i.e. to visit Mother. And here at this exact moment - these idiotic provisions were banned to ban international traffic. If he returned to Poland, he would have to undergo quarantine.
So he stayed in his home area, in the family home. There is a fear that he will get fat on mummy pots, but Igor himself says that he is keeping fit.
Fortunately, there are still old weights and other training equipment at home. Surroundings ... I tell you because I have been and seen - beautiful, quiet, somewhat empty.
But luckily there is connectivity with the world.

Igor, was this forced change of location a problem?

Igor Mazurenko: Having communication with virtually everyone in the world, you can work "from home", even if this house was in the woods and 23 hours by car from Gdynia. In this peace, in this silence, you can relax and look at things a bit from a distance. Finally, I had time for books, I came back to some of them, I also found unread or forgotten.

It was an interesting time.

And what plans for the second half of this fairly original season?

Igor Mazurenko: The priority is the Professional World Cup Zloty Tur. It will be the 20th anniversary of this event. In addition, we are waiting for us Vendetta All Stars as if "instead" "TOP 8" - this was already information.
In addition - there is already a very advanced project of the statement for the fight for the championship belt - Denis Tsyplenkov vs Levan Saginashvili on the left hand.
It is not the end!
We also approached the duel Devon Larratt vs Vitaly Laletin, but Devon still has a valid contract with WAL and it's impossible at the moment.
From closer plans it is "Kiev Open" already in July. Great competition in France for August and Russia URPA.
I also have a brand new "patent" in the field of equipment. For a device that, when connected to the Mazurenko table, becomes a trainer and allows you to do almost 60% of the exercises you need. I also have prototypes of completely new table stands, which are much lighter and comparatively strong and solid.

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview and return safely to Gdynia!

Igor Mazurenko: Best regards and see you!

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