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Dimitris Filikidis on 27. Senec Hand >>>

Dimitris Filikidis on 27. Senec Hand # Armwrestling #

At last year's Professionals' World Cup Zloty Tur 2019, in the 78 kg right hand category, competitor from Greece was second, in the rate of 16 rivals. Artur Krupa (Poland) was 7th in these competitions. But on the 27th Senec Hand podium this year looked different. Today interview with Dimitris Filikidis, athlet from Greece. ()

PeSzy: How did you become interested in armwrestling?
Dimitris Filikidis: I've been doing armwrestling seven years. It begans just for hobby. I 'be been doing kettle bells professionally but we also had an armwrestling table in the gym and so it starded. I saw that i' m very well to armwrestling and I decided to go to the World Championship in Poland 2013 when I get 7th place at 70 kg.
What is your greatest success?
My greatest achievement is my second place at Zloty tour 2019.

What was the situation in Greece regarding the "epidemic"? Were the training options limited?
Dimitris Filikidis: For this season it was my first tournament after four months abstention.

It was very difficult to prepare because the gyms was closed from March till June. This year because of the virus we couldn't do scheduled events and we canceled the world cup in Rhodes which was scheduled for October.

What does armwrestling look like in Greece?
Dimitris Filikidis: We have reached at National championship 100 participations.
Generally there is a goog atmosphere and we have good time in the trainings.
What is your goal and what are your plans for this year?
Dimitris Filikidis: My goal for this year is to get the first place at Zloty Tour in December.
What do you do outside of sport?
Dimitris Filikidis: Outside of sport I'm working in a company as a driver, spending time with my family... I have two kids.

PeSzy: Thank you and welcam on Zloty Tur!
Dimitris Filikidis: Greetings to my rivals!

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