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Our Referees # Armwrestling #

I have already written, even before the beginning of the 27th Senec Hand, that referees from Poland: Paulina Kuźniar and Judyta Wiercińska undertook a difficult task. Only one referee from the side of the hosts, one table, of course Mariusz Zbylut as a secretary and them two. Now I have a more accurate report than one of the participants. ()

The temperature outside is over 30 degrees warm. They - all the time wearing masks and covering their nose and mouth. Fighting often for a couple of approaches, because of fouls, because of stripes, so each duel lasted a lot of time.

It started at 9:30 and ended at 21:30. Furnace, wet masks, wet gloves. At the end, the girls couldn't feel their hands anymore, they had difficulty holding their hands up.

Is that a record?

It used to be like that in Ukraine, but without masks and without gloves. I was very impressed by Judith and Paulina!

Let everyone know this!

Bravo Girls!

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