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Sean Hancock: It will be very hot November in USA! >>>

Sean Hancock: It will be very hot November in USA!  # Armwrestling #

Hot news from Sean Hancock USA! Mississippi State Championship Tournament with 10 PAL Vendettas. Hattiesburg, MS. Nov 14th 2020. Where USAA, PAL/USA and URPA all come together for the best show in the United States! The Vendetta Headliners are Women. 4 time Canadian national champion Sarah Wilson VS 8 time world champion, 8 time European champion, 6 time Zloty Tur World Cup champion and American champion, Sarah Backman. These two ladies have never fought before. This is one we all want to see! ()

This is what Sean Hancock informed us.

Link to his fanpage

So we are waiting impatiently. And by the way, I will ask Sean, how is he doing?

PeSzy: Please write a few lines about yourself and armwrestling.

Sean Hancock: I've been in and out of Armwrestling since 2005. Since that time I've gone through several Armwrestling injuries including an arm break and I raised two kids alone keeping me from traveling. My kids are big now and I can travel. My son is 23. My daughter is 18. I created Mississippi Arm Fighter INC. in 2017. I am a promoter, referee and Athlete. My athlete sponsors are Mazurenko equipment, Frog Fuel, and Freeze sleeve. I'm a 5 time international champion. And I'm ranked #1 overall Left hand in Mississippi. I'm a certified promoter with the USAA. Im the U.S. ambassador for URPA and PAL/USA. I travel the country with Denise Wattles and Leonard Harkless to promote shows for the USAA.

I also compete in Super matches at the shows as well as referee. I host the Mississippi State Championships every year under the company name of Mississippi Arm Fighter inc. my co-workers in that company are Brad Mann and Rance Clayton. I also teach referee seminars for URPA.

We are slow to reopen all sports in the U.S. sports are allowed in some areas so we focus on hosting events there. My next Vendetta is against Jody Williams on October 24th in Reno Nevada. I have a large team in Mississippi. We train on Sundays at my house. All people are welcome to come and learn. I have a gym in my home so I have not stopped training during covid. Other than practices I train in the gym for 2-3 hours each day. I am also a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist.

PeSzy: Thank you and good luck with your organization!

Sean Hancock: Greetings to Armwrestlers all over the world

Sean Hancock (Boom)

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