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The biggest Vendetta in Poland! >>>

The biggest Vendetta in Poland! # Armwrestling #

You must know about it. Everyone who reads in English, all those who live armwrestling. Nothing else is said here in Poland. On August 29, the most awaited Vendetta in Poland will take place in one of Warsaw's clubs, on the Vistula River. Probably the 'Vendetta of all time'. I'm not exaggerating. Read on! ()

There is Marcin Lachowicz, you know him from many international tournaments. There is Kamil Jabłoński, a bit less known, but also experienced. Both men, for some complicated personal reasons, started such a "trash talking" that it begins to resemble the most famous professional boxing duels. They arrange Vendetta among themselves all year round, and have recently arranged a time and place. Warsaw, August 29.

They agreed on five rounds. There will be no tie!

The rate is PLN 10,000, ie US $ 2,680.71. It's such a fairly good Polish monthly salary.

I don't know if there will be a direct report, but check out my profile. As soon as the fight is resolved, I will keep you informed.

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