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The URPA Ranking - road to the top! >>>

The URPA Ranking - road to the top! # Armwrestling #

More explanations about the PAL / URPA Ranking; this time about the expiry date of points and road to the top, with some examples. ()

Points in the rankings have an "expiry date". Points collected in the Ranking lose their validity after three years. It means exactly this: if you gain 10 points for winning a tournament today, these points will be added to your placing for 3 years. Then they will disappear. The purpose of this is to keep the Ranking as real-time standings of the competitors. Say, someone attends every possible tournament in 2020 and gets 500 points. They're placed 1st in the Ranking. Then, due to personal reasons, they stop armwrestling. Having so many ranking points, they would be placed 1st forever. Thanks to this rule of expiring points, after 3 years they will start descending in the Ranking.

In order to place high in the URPA Ranking, you have to fight in tournaments, and then to keep the high places, you have to fight in tournaments again.

Road to the top - ELITE and General Groups

The road to the top in URPA is very simple: General -> Elite -> TOP8. After registering in the Ranking, you get placed in a General group. It's a league for all competitors. You gain points in this group for every URPA-branded competitions. Once you attend an ELITE tournament (for now Zloty Tur World Cup is the only event like this), you get promoted to ELITE Group. In this group you also get points for all URPA tournaments and ascend in the ranking. By the end of the season, the first competitor from URPA ELITE gets a chance to enter the TOP8 tournament by dueling in a play-off with a competitor who placed last in TOP8 last years. Worth the fight, right?

The last part concerning the Ranking is the URPA Vendetta which will be covered in the next episode.

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