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How is it with warm up? # Armwrestling #

We fight on hands. So why injuries, for example the knees, when fighting in ARM-wrestling? Over the years I have noted, that for many fighters - a warm-up before a fight (for example for the five-round six-round Vendetta) - looks like lazy stretching after getting out of bed. There are those, who just drag themselves casually a few times and... to the table. And “Ready-Go!”. Some athlets win, others lose. But let some Expert really tell you how the warm-up is. Needed or not? I asked Enigna Terzi and Tomek Szewczyk. Read on, please. ()

Hi Engin! I want to ask you as an Expert about warming up before the Vendettas (5 or 6 rounds). For many years I have seen that athlets (at different levels) do not warm up at the table at all.

Boxers warm up on shields in order to "get into the distance and rhythm". Judo throws during the warm-up. And in our armrestling there are those who come to the table without warming up. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don't. They told me that they "accumulate energy" and didn't want to waste it on warming up. What's your opinion on this?


Engin Terzi:

Hello my friend, i must confess that i am not good about warming up. Esspecially in my young and healthy years i didn't warm up to save that explosiveness. Do i think it worked? As a result yes, but also maybe damaged my elbows esspecially with my side hit technique. As of now i am older and injured, so i have to warm up before both lifting and competing. I do a light warm up about half an hour before the match.

I warm up every involved muscle group but very light, just to be warm enough. Some athletes like Amolins warms up a lot before the matches. But again when i was young and healthy i never warmed up and it worked pretty well.

The same question for Tomek Szewczyk:

Tomek Szewczyk:

Welcome. During arm duels we witnessed Lucian (Fudała) injuring his knee. How is it possible, He fought with arm? Calf cramps and other strange ailments also happened quite often. In my opinion, the warm-up should be conducted holistically and thoroughly. It stimulates blood circulation, increases body thermogenicity, ensures that we are ready for any overloads, and thus mental peace and speed. During training, I always take care of a long and solid warm-up, which protects me from more serious injuries. A good warm-up to the muscle pump also gives me a greater likelihood that the same painful pump will not repeat after a hard duel. In sum. Armwrestling is ARM-WRESTLING and the whole body takes part in wrestling, which should be completely warmed up.


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