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Nuno Hampy: Because “Over the Top” >>>

Nuno Hampy: Because  “Over the Top” # Armwrestling #

An excellent and at the same time average, ordinary and at the same time amazing movie... Brilliant and at the same time a poor actor … “Over The Top” (1987)... If not for this movie … If not for this actor... Igor Mazurenko would start only in bench press and Nuno Hampy Martins... would row in cold water. I just wanted to find out what's going on in Portuguese armwrestling in the era of the virus. I learned an interesting story and I present to our readers immediately. There is also a "Polish trace" in it, which I am very proud of! ()

PeSzy: How did you start your sports story?

Nuno Hampy Martins: So i started kayaking at 16/17 year old...

PeSzy: Apparently it has something to do with Polish sportsmen?

Nuno Hampy: Yes. The polish kayaking olympic team comes to train here in my town Vila Nova de Milfontes normally every year, and at the time I started there was a polish coach teaching in our team untill 1996, named Konrad Slaza if I remember correctly, but because we also did weight training i liked it better and just stick to weights, i didnt like to go to the cold water. With that i did bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman competition. I was national champion powerlifting junior, was portugal strongest man 1 year, Iberian champ competition in 2002, was in international strongman team in Hungary in 2002 and 2004, some more powerlifting and strongman competitions, and 2 bodybuilding competitions that I hated because I don’t like to be hungry, All this before the age of 34.

PeSzy: And then you did something else?

Nuno Hampy: Then i needed a change because its not very healthy to have alot of muscle weight in a 176 cm frame so i stopped weight training and had to get something else to take place of my objectives, that i really loved so i whent to a Martial Art.

And because I like martial arts that are really effective i searched the internet and saw Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Royce Gracie video winning the first UFC, that’s what I choose to do.

I searched for an academy close to me but there was none, Jiu-Jitsu was still very underdeveloped in 2010 Portugal, the closest academy was 1 hour and 15min away.

So i started training 2 times a week driving for 110 km to academy and 110km back home.

After one year I wanted to train more so i changed my job and living location to Lisbon and started training many times a week with the Academy 200 meter away from my house.

Later i came back to my hometown and opened my academy from same team i was training (Royce Gracie Portugal now 5 Elements Jiu-Jitsu) with since the beginning, so i teach BJJ since purple belt from summer 2013.

PeSzy: What's next?

Nuno Hampy: I wanted to do something I always loved from a child. That was armwrestling because of the movie “Over the Top” that stuck with me forever.

PeSzy: And this is how you created armwrestling in Portugal?

Nuno Hampy: There was zero armwrestling in Portugal so i thought - “why not start it miself?” And i did. Its growing really slow but it has more people training and active then ever i hope it gets exponential more, people training more people will come.


PeSzy: Thanks for the interesting conversation.

Nuno Hampy: I greet the readers. I would especially like to thank Anna Mazurenko. She helped me with alot of info on how to start the federation here.

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