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THE HEROES OF ARMPOWER.NET 2020 # Armwrestling #

The heroes of so... who brought the website the most views? In the first place, with an astounding advantage over any other materials, came the interview with Malin Kleinsmith published in September last year. ()

Of course, the popularity of each article is decided by the athlete's name. As with all sports media, the first place are obviously championship results. It's what you search the most and what you read the most. But the conversation with Malin took all the popularity records on the Polish, Russian and – the absolute best – English websites.

The one who convinced me to execute this interview was Anna Mazurenko. I only took the challenge.

While preparing for the discussion, I realized I don't know much about this athlete. But she turned out to be a very interesting converser so it worked out!

Thank you again, Malin, for finding time to have a conversation.

You should brush up on this interview, it's here on

Soon we will publish news about which of the Polish materials was the most read one. Will the Polish Hero 2020 turn out to be Kamil Jabłoński, Marcin Lachowicz, or maybe someone else?

I'm checking the results, counting – and I'll get back to you soon.



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