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Something funny… # Armwrestling #

First of all, something funny; a good sense of humor helps survive tough times after all. As we know from history, collective sense of humor is a sort of “weapon” of the insurgent people against the government. It was this way during the German and Soviet occupation, it was also this way in communist Poland, during martial law, and later when the citizens made fun of the government in every way possible. Now we also have a “government” that sets restrictions, and “citizens” that omits, disregards and laughs at said restrictions. ()

Humor is a weapon. Collective and individual. People with a sense of humor are better at handling stress, that’s a given. However, nowadays, in the era of the mighty virus, the matter becomes a bit more complicated. Because laughing is an exhale. A forceful exhale, a forceful inhale, and don’t get me started on the open mouth…! The scary virus now has the upper hand on us!

What I’m going to describe is happening in Poland, in our Polish reality. Please, read this, and let us know what it’s like where you are. What it’s like in Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Ukraine. Let’s inform each other!

There is a skating rink. In one of Polish cities, it doesn’t matter which one. The government “closed off” the skating rink, similarly to the fitness clubs, restaurants, hairdressers and beauticians. However… However, these restrictions can be omitted, broken, the government can be fooled.

What did the people at the skating rink do?

In the middle of the ice, they set up a… flower storage. In order to get the flowers from the “flower storage”, you have get there in the first place… You can skate there! You can also skate to get the flowers very slowly, you can even make a few circles around the storage.

The idea, from the point of view of the owner, seems genious!

The owner tells one of the TV stations:

“The skating rink is closed. We’re a flower storage. We’re not interested if someone walks, jumps or crawls to get the flowers. For all it matters, the customers could be skating!”

I’m not quite sure if I should praise such ideas or not! I just came across this information and i wanted to share it with you. I can see the complexity and dramatic nature of this situation, the companies and the people. I still hope, though, that this bit of humor can strengthen your health a little.

I wish you all good health in the new year!


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