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Strongman Didy: We are realistic! >>>

Strongman Didy: We are realistic! # Armwrestling #

Ladies and Gentlemen, let this sound like self-promotion! Let it sound like an advertisement for Polish armwrestling! Let the world know! Writing in the language of diplomacy ... Let the world know that "bilateral relations" between Poland and France are perfect. The diplomatic actions of our envoys led to the fact that … ()

The 21st Polish Armwrestling Championships (March 13-14, 2021) in Gniew Castle - will have an international accent. On Saturday evening, after the Right Hand Championship, at least three Poland-France Vendetta will be held.

Bertrand Travaglini vs Krzysztof Hasiński
Jerome Galaup vs Wiesław Rzanny
Didy's Strongman vs Grzegorz Grębski


Strongman Didy:

Strongman Didy: We are very proud and happy (with Bertrand Travaglini and Jerome Galaup) to come in Poland to fight vs very strong armwrestlers.

Of course we dont come to loose and we will be prépared at 100 %, but we are realistic. We think that the general level in Poland is higher than in France, so we come, of course to make the best spectacle as possible, but our goal is to not be ridiculous, having fun and learn as much as possible to improve our level for the future.

Myself after 2 years of armwrestlimg, my level now start to be ok and I have improved a lot since 4 months. For us it's an honor to meet all our friends Armwresters from Poland and we will be very careful spectators of each Polish Championship.

Today we have lot of friends in Poland that we want to meet again and make new meetings to talk about armwrestling. We will be very active too in after pulling and in the party too as usual!

We are very hurry to meet all of you and for me poland is very special..

First I won my first world champion title in Rumia 2019 in grand master category

Second we where so well welcome in Międzychod by Waldemar Podolski and his Team!

Third Poland camed in number in our Dieppe Tournament last year ..

Fourth we have very special and trustfull relation with MAZURENKO TEAM ..

Yes for us it's like a dream coming true to come this is why making 1500 km to come (from Paris to Gniew) by care is not a problem for us ...(we come by car because by plane it's not possible today).

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