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A sort of “TOP 8” but a bit different... >>>

A sort of “TOP 8” but a bit different... # Armwrestling #

A sports discipline – snowboarding. The entire armwrestling Poland is cheering for Oskar Kwiatkowski! Oskar took a podium place in the FIS Alpine World Championships parallel giant snowboarding slalom in Rogla. ()

Why is that? I think you know! Oskar's father is one of the best Polish armwrestling competitors, Jerzy Kwiatkowski. The family is quite big – three daughters and one son. Jerzy, so the dad, you already know. The mom's name is Ania. The daughters are: Olimpia, who is also in the Polish alpine snowboard team, is 21 years old and is a 2nd year university student, Oliwia, aged 15, and Oriana, aged 11. Oskar is 24 and is currently doing his master's degree at AWF Katowice, and is also a soldier in Wojskowy Zespół Sportowy in Poznań.

Jerzy, tell us how you feel about your son's performances.

Jerzy Kwiatkowski: Each one of Oskar's performances in the World Cup, World Championships or the Olympic Games is watched and cheered on by our entire family.

It's making us really emotional, the fact that he's taking top places gives us a lot of happiness and fills us with energy. I'm a little less worried than my wife and family because I know that Oskar is a professional and is always well-prepared. He can keep his mindset under control, too, and he fights until the very end. I only worry about how during the fast slide an unlucky mistake might occur, one that he won't be able to catch up after.

Do you snowboard?

Jerzy Kwiatkowski: I, myself, don't but I can ski quite well. Thank you for cheering on my son. It's very kind of you, and important for me and my family. Oskar is currently within the world's 8 best athletes. It's like their own “TOP 8”.

To sum up!

The sports family of “our” competitor. We're cheering on your success! Congratulations, Oskar!

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