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Gniew Castle Vendettas! >>>

Gniew Castle Vendettas! # Armwrestling #

Gniew Castle, Poland. Vendettas in “special conditions”, in these special times. Perhaps in a year we will be laughing at all these masks and “social distancing”. Perhaps we will remember these times as times of incredible freedom. ()

The French team are real Warriors.

The sole fact that they came a long way to duel is nothing. They took the risk in these f...ed-up times and that is something. Big respect to our friends from France.

Bertrand Travaglini vs Krzysztof Hasiński (left hand)

The result, so a “dry” six-to-nothing for our competitor does not fully represent the drama of the fight. Of course, Krzysiek had a visible advantage in every round. He was a bit tired after working on his weight for the Poland Championships. But Bertrand was still a big unknown for our competitor. The plan was simple - “hook and thump!”. The plan succeeded. If plans to meet in autumn in Międzychód succeed as well – how about a revenge? Maybe on the right hand?


Jerome Galaup (Jérôme Jéjé) vs Wiesław Rzanny (right hand)

Wiesław won five to one. I felt like the French competitor was out of it in the first round already... Maybe it's because of those damn masks? In the second round Wiesław calmly worked on keeping the advantage, we could see how difficult it was to breathe in the mask for him, but he won prominently. In the third round he let the rival start and quickly counter attacked. Feet under the table, hook and a win. It went similarly in the fourth round, the fifth one was one by Jerome. We could plan a revange here as well, if the situation allows.


Grzegorz Grębski vs Strongman Didy (right hand)

I have noted down the result, six-to-zero for Grzegorz, and one word: “flash”, a win in a flash. Congratulations, Grzegorz! Perhaps it's worth thinking about the revenge, but that's in a few months. Didy should practice a little more in the meantime.


Poland vs Poland

Piotr Matusiak vs Michał Węglicki (right hand)

I could watch duels like this one everyday! By looking at the result, it might seem as if it was easy, it was a six-to-zero win, after all, but the fight was FIRE!

Thanks, gentlemen!

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