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An ordinary family # Armwrestling #

The whole armwrestling community has known Artur Głowiński for years. He dominated Poland and represented us worldwide. He fought entertaining Vendetta duels. He was the first competitor who consciously created a “show” and could grab the attention of dozens of spectators. He is still active (sports-wise), though time passes and he has more and more responsibilities – let's call them “aside sports”. This is going to be a very short text, I only want all of you to read it and smile (at least virtually) for Ania and Artur. ()

Right – Ania! Ania Głowińska! A long time ago I called her “the first voice of Polish armwrestling”. She is a very petite woman but... She has a VOICE! This VOICE is a “turbo soprano” when it comes to range, and on top of that a HYPER, MEGA-resistant soprano. Ania can drown out professional equipment with her cheering.

Together – Ania and Artur created the “Złoty Orzeł” Choszczno Club. In this club they have created a family. They have brought up, like a Mom and a Dad, great competitors, many Masters.

But this is not the end!

Now for the most important part!

Ania and Artur have... seven, yes, seven children! When I saw them at the Poland Championships in 2020, I started counting but I got lost. A few of these children were adopted. Just because!

I'm going to repeat, again, because it's a short article!

Seven children have a wonderful home, wonderful parents, they are cared for and loved.

And for that, Ania and Artur, I respect you! For that I love you. For that I thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Read this and smile at the wonderful Family!

Thank you in advance!


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