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In the garage since forever! # Armwrestling #

I'm introducing to you consecutive Polish armwrestling clubs. The aim is to show you all the Polish and then all IFA clubs. I'm starting with the most peculiar ones like Niedźwiedzie Orawy, the club that comes to Polish Championships with a 40-people team and gets many points in the general team ranking. ()

Niedźwiedzie Orawy

There are big, medium and small clubs in Poland, and then there's also one that I'm going to introduce today: the smallest. Its founder, president and athlete, well-known by you Wiesław Rzanny, admits that through the years he was the only member of Traktor Wolsztyn [Tractor Wolsztyn – t.n.].

To be clear, Wolsztyn is a small town in Greater Poland. And to be even clearer, Świebodzin, Tomasz Proc's town, is about an hour drive away from Wolsztyn. The famous, tallest (until recently) figure of Jesus Christ is located in Świebodzin.

In Wolsztyn there is also the only active roundhouse in Europe. That's where Wiesiek's T-shirt logo came from - “PEŁNĄ PARĄ!” [This roughly means “full force”, “full speed” but is a pun connected to steam engines – t.n.]

That's it for “touristic geography”!

Now to armwrestling!


The mic goes to Wiesław Rzanny, medalist of the most important competitions in Poland, the Polish representative in the international arena.

PeSzy: I haven't been to your club's “headquarters” yet. I've heard that it's in a garage?


Wiesław Rzanny: That's true. Ever since the beginning. Despite that, we have many opportunities to train in good conditions. A table, a lift, all Mazurenko handles that are good for practice. Only later on some people joined the club: Róża Kiełbasa or Krzysztof Molicki, and also Grzeorz Cukier who all stood on the podium of the Polish Championships in their categories. They were people from the area of Wolsztyn.

For a few years the club organized the amateur Wolsztyn Championships.

This year (2021) we have organized two sparing sessions that many friendly competitors came to Wolsztyn for.

The club's referees are me and Tomasz Proc who has been supporting the club actively for many years, and privately is also my close friend.


PeSzy: Where has the name “Traktor” come from?


Wiesław Rzanny: “Traktor” because I come from a small locality near Wolsztyn called Kielpiny. My parents had a farm and tractors there. I also drove a tractor at work and there was a time when people would call me “Tractor” so that's how I named the club. Generally, I think it was for 2 years that Tomasz Proc took care of the club when I didn't go to competitions.

The mic goes to Tomasz Proc:

Traktor Wolsztyn from my point of view: at competitions there's not more than 4 of us but Traktor Wolsztyn is also athletes from Kościan and Świebodzin. Despite the fact that they start as competitors from different clubs, on a daily basis we forget about that and train together. Traktor Wolsztyn is actually Wiesiek and his mindset towards sport and practice. If it wasn't for him, there would be no armwrestling in Świebodzin. He shares his passion and dedication with us. I am his right hand in the club and if we were ever to need a substitute, I would be the acting president. The last sparing showed us that many young guys came to try themselves out. I hope that someday there will be more of us at competitions.


PeSzy: I wish for you to have to rent a bus to get to competitions. Slowly, slowly, until it all comes true. See you!


Wiesław Rzanny: Greetings, see you!

Tomasz Proc: Greetings, let's all see each other soon and without the masks!


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