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Trubin vs Szaragowicz – coming soon! >>>

Trubin vs Szaragowicz – coming soon! # Armwrestling #

On the 29th of May 2021 in Moscow, as a part of PAL Russia Cup, we will witness the duel between Dmitry Trubin and Wiaczesław Szaragowicz. ()

For now a few sentences from one of the participants, Dimitry Trubin. It's a competitor that doesn't need introductions. I personally take him for one of the most fun armwrestlers of the world top. He's very humble and quiet but has a sense of humor which I value a lot. That's why you shouldn't expect a long interview.

A few questins and a few answers. The 29th of May will make it all clear.


PeSzy: Hello, friend! How's your health, how are your arms?

Dmitry Trubin: Hi, my health is as usual, my arms are generally okay too. There's not much time left until the duel so I'm training hard.

The preparations have begun since a month ago.

PeSzy: What do you expect from your rival?

Dmitry Trubin: I just don't know. I can't even remember if we have ever met him at the table but his wins and years of experience speak volumes.

PeSzy: Greetings, I can't wait for your duel!

Dmitry Trubin: Greetings to the fans and I invite you to watch the fight.

I invite you to the previous interview with Dmitry.

And a movie from his hometown.

I will explain the picture: at almost all Professionals World Cup Złoty Tur I have the pleasure to keep watch on Anna Mazurenko's handbag. I think it was in 2019 that the watch of the bag was doubled.

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