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Ukraine Armwrestling Championships 2021! >>>

Ukraine Armwrestling Championships 2021! # Armwrestling #

Managed to! Elena Kuzmych, the representative of IFA and PAL in Ukraine, writes enthusiastically. Managed to! It's hard not to share the enthusiasm of the organizer, because in fact there was a lot of trouble. Quarantines, postponement, changes. But - we have it! I share Elena's enthusiasm and writing now, although there are no results and photos yet. We finally have it! ()

You can find the results here

The IFA Ukrainian Armwrestling Championships were held on May 15-16, 2021 in Kiev. 80 female and male athlets from all age groups, from juniors to Masters, took part in them. This is not a big turnout, but we take into account the virus and very difficult preparations for many athlets.

We don't have protocols with the results yet, there will be photos tomorrow, too. Visit
The team from the city of Kiev won the team classification. Kharkiv is in second place, and in third is the team from Chernivtsi region.
It is not the end!
The organization of the Kiev Open Cup is scheduled for August in Kiev.

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