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Ruslan Zinyatullin: You have to be recognizable! >>>

Ruslan Zinyatullin: You have to be recognizable! # Armwrestling #

I'm going to begin with the most important words that I got from Ruslan in our conversation. He told me this: I want to say this to all disabled men that do our sport. For PARA-ARMWRESTLING to prosper we have to work on our visibility in the media! Nobody can bring us everything on a silver plate! You have to work on your own name so that the name works for you in the future! ()

PeSzy: I totally agree. Tell us, what exactly do you have to do?

Ruslan Zinyatullin: You have to be recognizable! At least in your area. Of course, for a disabled person it's much more difficult for example because of speech impediments and other issues, or a “non-representative” image but it can be overcome by highlighting our other traits.

PeSzy: Strong words! Now a little about Ruslan. To the Russian-speaking readers, I strongly recommend the entire interview [LINK], and here's a few most important facts from the page

Putting on a shirt - 30 minutes!

Ruslan was born disabled and was growing up as a very weak child. Putting on a shirt took him about 30 minutes. At the same time, despite the disability, he dreamed of being strong – like confident, fearless and brave action movie heroes. In his boarding school Ruslan with his friends made a weight bar with a shovel stick and two iron bars. And that's how his sports career took off. During his time in higher school he took interest in one of the most difficult martial arts – karate kyokushin. After a few years of training he got the yellow belt. Once Ruslan watched armwrestling competitions on a sports day for disabled people. He decided to try his luck in this sport as well, without any doubt that he would succeed, but in the end he lost with everyone. This loss hurt his pride. He decided to seriously pick up armwrestling. He came to a training room where a special teacher and trainer, Wiktor Wiktorowicz Zajcew, taught his class.

World Champion 2019!

The 46-years-old sportsman with an injured arm took the IFA World Champion title. Ruslan Zinyatullin took almost a quarter of a century to get to this triumph.

A few times at the World Championships he placed right behind the podium or was second or third.


On the 29th of May 2021 in Moscow, a duel of para-armwrestling took place for the first time in PAL RUSSIA CUP. The IFA World Champion Ruslan Zinyatullin from Vyshny Volochyok fought with the current Russian Champion in PAD, Aleksander Czenykajew, and Zinyatullin won 5-1.

PeSzy: Tell us about your PAL Russia Cup match. I watched the livestream and to be honest, I smoked five cigarettes from stress (I'm sorry). What was it like on your side?

Ruslan Zinyatullin: For example, for my next Vendetta to be interesting, in my opinion the next opponent should win a similar armfight and only then suggest a duel to me. After setting the armfight conditions beforehand. And then the duel will interest the public and the organizers.

PeSzy: Tell us about your plans and sponsors.

Ruslan Zinyatullin: Recently I have signed a contract with AFANASY holding for advertising the holding's products. It's a big step forwards. Since we are used to asking sponsors for unpaid help! I'm trying for sponsors to get a maximal benefit from their advertisements on my YouTube channel and social media! The collaboration should be beneficial to both sides!

PeSzy: You have a YouTube channel

Ruslan Zinyatullin: On my YouTube channel I'm trying to present information in an interesting way and with a sense of humor. I've been learning video editing for a long time from my friend, a director from Moscow, Dimitrij Pogoniny, and I want to be the best in the world in this area as well.

PeSzy: Thank you for the conversation!

Ruslan Zinyatullin: Thank you as well, one more thing. A very important fact is that Igor Mazurenko supports me in every possible way, posting my materials on his media! Thank you Igor!

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