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King's move - are You for or against? >>>

King's move - are You for or against?  # Armwrestling #

I've been waiting for it! We have great referees in Poland. Among others, Judyta and Paulina. Ladies have already recorded several episodes of a kind of "handbook" of armwrestling. So far, we have published it on the Polish website ()

But it happened! You have the English version here, everything is clear and perfectly shown. Starring: Judyta Wiercińska and Paulina Kuźniar. In other roles: Mariusz Podgórski and Grzegorz Nowotarski - you surely know them from serious tournaments.
I invite you!

link here

And do You really know what the rules says about it? What is still allowed and what is already illegal (according to IFA and PAL rules)?

Let's be honest, no one read rules (perhaps except referees). But perhaps a short video where two experienced referees explain complicated things in an easy way could be helpful?

(This video was originally in Polish, but we've made a voice over to English, because King's move is quite hot topic all over the world). Enjoy!

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