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Levan undefeated! >>>

Levan undefeated! # Armwrestling #

TOP 8 FIRST STAGE - September 5, 2021, Kiev, Ukraine We were so hungry for fights... Hard organizational work of PAL and TOP 8 led to the fact that it is normal again, the competitors from across the Ocean could come to Ukraine and the event gave us a lot of excitement. Let's keep it up, let nothing stop us! ()

Dave Chaffee (USA) vs Levan Saginashvili (Georgia)
Saginashvili 6:0

This was not an exciting fight as Levan proved to be incredibly strong, just strong and powerful. The first approach and the American wanted to tear, however, it took him a long time... He got torn, or rather escaped only just above the table level, that is in a losing position and got the first foul. Next - another round for fouls, next - two fouls and the result was already sealed. The rounds in the referee's grip didn't change the outcome of the fight and we were left with the conviction that Levan can't be beaten. You just can't. Igor Mazurenko announced, commenting on the fight, that there is "someone", living "somewhere far away"... Someone who can do it in the future. In the situation when we are simply thirsty for fights, this Fight of the Evening has to be enough as a "teaser" for the future. So we look forward to it!

Daniel Mosier (USA) vs Irakli Ziraklizirakashvili (Georgia)
Ziraklizirakashvili 5:1

The American stated after the fight that he could not beat the much younger Georgian. But he tried. At least in the first round. The Georgian proved to be incredibly good technically and, in my opinion, he is the "Discovery" of this edition of TOP 8.

Sergiy Kalenichenko (Ukraine) vs Georgiy Usharauli (Israel)
5:1 for the Ukrainian, who turned out to be incredibly fast at the start and completely dominated his rival, although... For a moment it seemed that he was nervous quite inadequately to the result. It wasn't much, but it was lacking. The Israeli athlete said that he did not have enough speed at the start. The Ukrainian stated that he "executed his plan" and that was it. For sure Kalenichenko deserves the attention of the fans and more than once we will be passionate about his fights.

Dmitri Ionov (Ukraine) vs Viatcheslav Saragovic (Bielarus)
Ionov got off to a fast start, went for the triceps and surprised both the technique and speed of his very experienced opponent. It was clear that the Belarusian had to "figure something out" but... it did not happen. When the score was already two to zero, the competitors asked for belts and nothing changed. During the duel, suddenly, it turned out that the player from Ukraine felt very bad. However, he finished the duel with a score of 4 to two.

Leonid Tsyba (Ukraine) vs Valenty Bobrovich (Bielarus)
After a tough fight the Ukrainian won to zero, the Belarusian paid for it with a finger injury. The fight was hard, but not thrilling.

Fred Azer Maharramov (Azerbaijan) vs Gregor Muradian (Ukraine)
Fred showed full control and deservedly won.

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