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Irakli Zirakash: 4 years ago! >>>

Irakli Zirakash: 4 years ago! # Armwrestling #

Four-time gold medalist of the 2017 European Championships: Irakli Zirakash in his first interview for Let us remind! ()

Irakli Zirakash: 4 years ago!

So at the European Championships (2017), Irakli won 4 awards - gold and silver in the 70 kg category among the youth and two bronze in the same weight in senior class. What helped Irakli achieve such success?


When you started to practice arm-wrestling and why did you chose it?

Irakli Zirakash: For the first time I started to practice arm wrestling in my neighborhood in 2012. Always knew that my genetics predisposes to this, because at school I always beat high school students.

What are your most important achievements at the moment?

Irakli Zirakash: At the moment, the best achievement for me, of course, is the champion’s place at the European Championships, I am pleased with it.

How much time do you need to prepare for the championship?

Irakli Zirakash: To reach the peak form, I need to practice from 3 to 5 months. In training I spend more time pulling at the table, I pull a lot.

How did the European Championship go for you? Are you satisfied with your result?

Irakli Zirakash: Yes, I am very pleased, 4 medals from the European Championship - in my opinion, this is excellent. But on the third day of the fight, my hand was already very sore.

You became a prize-winner in youth and seniors, where it was more difficult to fight?

Irakli Zirakash: Of course, in seniors.

Who surprised you at this European Championship and why?

Irakli Zirakash: Betkili Oniani surprised me. I liked the performance of Arthur Makarov, this guy is actually the strongest. He is a great boy and deserves respect.

In general, the European Championships turned out good, but the refereeing was at a very low level. If there are no successes in this plan, then our sport will not go far.

Share your plans?

Irakli Zirakash: Of course, in the future I will be very well prepared for the World Championship, and then - for the Professional World Cup!

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